A Nichols and Stone rocking chair is a type of antique furniture produced by the Nichols and Stone Company in the late 19th century. It is known for its comfortable design, quality craftsmanship, and unique style. It is unique and not very common as it is not mass-produced.

How to date a Nichols and Stone Rocking Chair – A Simple Guide

How to date a Nichols and Stone Rocking Chair

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Dating a Nichols and Stone rocking chair can be an exciting and rewarding experience. You might be looking for an antique or want to add a bit of character to brighten your home; whatever it is, a Nichols and Stone rocking chair is just what you need. This guide will teach you to date a Nichols and Stone rocking chair and discover its history.

How do you Identify Nichols and Stone Rocking Chairs?

Nichols and Stone rocking chairs are easily identifiable. The most common way is by looking for the original label or stamp on the underside of the chair. The label usually reads “Nichols and Stone, Gardner, Mass” or “Nichols & Stone, Gardner, Mass.” If the label is missing, look for the unique design elements associated with the brand. These include simple, elegant lines, curved arms, and a deeply curved backrest. Additionally, the rocking chairs may be stamped with a patent number, which can be used to date the chair.

Dating a Nichols and Stone Rocking Chair

The most reliable way to date a Nichols and Stone rocking chair is by looking at the patent number stamped on the underside of the chair. The first Nichols and Stone rocking chair was patented in 1869, and the company used different patent numbers for different designs. The patent numbers and the corresponding dates can be found online. 

You can also date a Nichols and Stone rocking chair by looking at the markings on the chair. Nichols and Stone used a system of markings to identify the date and style of their pieces. Look for the letters “N&S” followed by a number. These numbers usually correspond to the year the chair was produced. The letters “L&JG” may also appear. These letters refer to the company’s founders, Leonard and John Gragg.


You can establish the authenticity of a Nichols and Stone rocking chair by looking for specific characteristics. Some of these are the presence of the original manufacturer’s stamp or the quality of the wood used. Once you see the Nichols and Stone logo, it looks like you got an original.

Note that many Nichols and Stone rocking chairs made in the early 19th century are antiques passed from generation to generation.

If you can locate a rocking chair with the original label and stamp, it indicates that the chair is authentic. 

Restoration and Maintenance

Restoring and maintaining a Nichols and Stone Rocking Chair is an excellent way to preserve American history. Let’s walk through the steps necessary to ensure your chair is in optimal condition, from cleaning and polishing to proper repairs and preventive care. You can enjoy your Nichols and Stone Rocking Chair for generations with a little effort and knowledge.

1. Preservation of the chair

Keep your rocking chair clean using a damp cloth and vacuum to remove dirt and dust. Check for structural damage, such as weak joints, broken rails, and loose parts.

2. Refinish

Sand the chair with medium-grit sandpaper. Remove the old finish. Apply a new coat of varnish.

3. Reupholster 

Remove the old upholstery and replace it with a new fabric.

4. Reattach Parts 

Reattach any missing or loose parts to the chair.

5. Repair Damage 

Make necessary repairs, such as fixing broken rails, tightening joints, and replacing broken pieces.

6. Wax and Polish

Wax and polish the chair to protect the finish and restore the wood’s natural beauty.

7. Enjoy

Relax, and enjoy your restored Nichols and Stone rocking chair.

Researching the History of Your Nichols and Stone Rocking Chair

Have you ever wondered about the story behind your Nichols and Stone rocking chair? 

From the carpenters who crafted it to its journey through time, unlock the past and discover the fascinating history of your beloved heirloom.

1. Start by examining the chair itself. Look for a manufacturer’s stamp or label on the back or underneath the seat. This will tell you when and where the chair was made. 

2. Contact Nichols and Stone directly to find out more information. The company that stocks Nichols and Stone chairs will give you information on the history of the chair.

3. Examine the style and type of wood used for the chair. The type of wood indicates the style; you can find out when it was made and thus date it adequately.

4. Look for any markings or labels on the chair. These help you know the age of the chair. 

5. Look for any signature or initials on the chair. This could indicate who made the chair or who owned it at some point. 

6. Examine the chair for wear and tear. You can learn a lot about how well-used a chair is by the state of wear and tear.

7. Research your chair online. You can find a lot of information about Nichols and Stone rocking chairs online, including the value and history of the particular chair.

Finding Value and Selling Your Chair

Are you looking for a way to turn your old chair into cash? Look no further – learn how to find the value of your chair and how to sell it for a great price effectively!

1. Research the history of Nichols and Stone. Nichols and Stone were founded in 1854 in Gardner, Massachusetts. This brand is among the US’s oldest and most respected furniture manufacturers. You can visit their website to find the history of the rocking chairs.

2. Examine the chair for signs of wear and tear. Check if it is fading or if there is discoloration. Examine to see scratches etc. You can guess the age of the chair from its condition.

3. Take pictures of the chair from all angles. This will help you determine the chair’s value when you sell it.

4. Determine the age of the chair by looking for a Nichols and Stone stamp on the underside. This stamp should indicate the date of manufacture.

5. Contact an antique appraiser or an online antique appraisal service to estimate the chair’s value accurately.

6. Advertise the chair for sale in local newspapers, online classifieds, or through auction sites like eBay.

7. Get the chair appraised by a professional if you sell it for a large sum.

8. Set the price and be prepared to negotiate the sale price if necessary.

Appreciating the Beauty of Your Chair

Nichols and Stone rocking Chairs are timeless and beautiful pieces of furniture that can add charm and comfort to any home. The classic design is a favorite of collectors and enthusiasts alike. 

To appreciate the beauty of a Nichols and Stone rocking chair, take the time to view and admire the unique curves, the intricate details of the woodwork, and the fine finish. 

Finding Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Nichols and Stone rocking chairs are typically found on websites like eBay and Etsy. You can also locate them through antique furniture dealers or specialty furniture stores with a vintage furniture section. If the parts you need for your Nichols and Stone rocking chair are no longer available, consider having them custom-made by a woodworker or upholsterer.


In all, dating a Nichols and Stone rocking chair is an exciting and rewarding experience. The rocking chairs have a rich history and are timeless pieces of furniture that would add a touch of elegance to your home.

You can quickly date a Nichols and Stone rocking chair and discover its history using the tips outlined in this guide.